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About Gordon Public School

The construction of Gordon Public School began in 1952 and was completed in September of 1953. The new 6 room school was named Princess Ann School, but because Queen Elizabeth II was reluctant to have her daughter's name used in the naming of public buildings, a contest among students was held to re-name the school. The name Gordon, after the owner of the land, was accepted from among various suggestions.

Allan Gordon Rice (known as Gordon) was born on September 15th 1884 in Welland County. After moving to Toronto, Gordon was able to pursue his education in the medical field. Eventually he became the official surgeon of the Grant Trunk Railway in Toronto, as well as a highly respected physician in the community.

With the new name in place, the school continued to grow and in 1964, a gymnasium, a small library, an expanded teachers' room were added to Gordon School. With increased enrolment through the 1970's, Gordon once again expanded to add a large library and several new classrooms. Today, we are a thriving school of 540 students located in the heart of Welland, Ontario.